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EXTRACTOR | Echo Train (Greyscale) – CD
EXTRACTOR | Echo Train (Greyscale) - CDEXTRACTOR | Echo Train (Greyscale) - CDEXTRACTOR | Echo Train (Greyscale) - CD

Echo Train


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The latest full length release from Greyscale features a fresh new artist to the lineup. This is also the debut full album from Ukraine artist Extractor. Named Echo Train, this 9 tracker is full of crafty chords and spirited jams of dub techno for any season or atmosphere.

Aurora & the title track Echo Train, are catchy early morning vibe enchancers while Rain Impulse is the pinnacle to a profound dubby soundtrack on a gloomy day. Soaring thru the sky with Winter Clouds will certainly be a favorite of listeners while it’s revision gets a bit more granular with the rhythm. This album features some deeper cuts as well. An example like Cold Movements is full of icy ripples of techy goodness. Then you certainly have the showstopping sounds of Storm which brings some sick and edgy darkness to it. Catalyst is not to be missed either for those that like the slow churning classic dub techno grooves. Quite a debut album here! The future looks bright for Extractor and we are thrilled to have him on Greyscale!