A Film of String & Wood

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EZEKIEL HONIG | A Film of String & Wood (Abandoned Audio) – EP
EZEKIEL HONIG | A Film of String & Wood - Vinyl

A Film of String & Wood


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The first vinyl release on Abandoned Audio, the new sub-label from 31337 Records. Ezekiel Honig‘s A Film of String & Wood continues his form of refracted, geographically oriented, electroacoustics.

Sitting in a background of field recordings and incidental real-world objects, textured piano and horns act as cement for chunky, yet subdued rhythms that fall over themselves and snap back into place. Warm, looming tonal progressions remain incredibly intimate and focused while retaining an expansiveness of space, a perfect metaphor for Honig’s music on the whole – personal and specific while intersecting with something more universal.

Throughout its five tracks, A Film of String & Wood stretches and pulls its melodies, weaving them through each blocky snare, each bassy kick drum phrase, with a heart and mind that hearkens to a different time, memory-tinged with a nostalgia for a moment that is yet to pass.

Pressed on sturdy 180 gram vinyl and featuring artwork/design by Ezekiel Honig.


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