Just For A Thrill

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FABIO ORSI Just For A Thrill (Home Normal) – CD

Just For A Thrill


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Fabio Orsi has to be one of the most prolific artists we know, covering an enormous amount of ground in the array of works he seems utterly adept at producing time and time again. Yet, what might surprise many is just how melodic and accessible Fabio’s music can be at times. His ability to glide between exquisitely subtle minimalism and distinctively catchy melodies really makes Just For A Thrill stand out from other records similar in nature. Throughout the eight ‘untitled’ tracks (each is called ‘Just For A Thrill’), Fabio contorts beautiful melodic structures from very direct instrumentation, with each track having a kind of ‘classic’ quality to them already. Whilst we have taken well over a year to get this wrapped up, it is quite often I find myself humming a tune and wondering what on earth it is, only to discover it was from this very album. How many ‘minimal’  releases is that true of? Perhaps some might say, not enough. As huge fans of Fabio’s photography, as well as his music, we decided to work together on something special in this regard to tie the release together nicely. Just For A Thrill comes using locally cultivated materials including handmade 380gsm washi outer wrap, with a 16 page recycled card booklet using some of Fabio’s beautiful polaroid shots.”–  Ian Hawgood  –


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