Formula EP

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FIT SIEGEL | Formula EP (Fit Sound) – EP

Formula EP


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After five years of on-off collaborations and side projects, Aaron ‘FIT’ Siegel has finally got round to making a new solo record. It’s rather good, with startling A-side Exist On delivering a brilliant blend of breakbeat-driven turn of the ’90s grooves, chunky bass, ultra-dreamy chords and the kind of bleeping top-end melodies more readily associated with the early releases of Warp Records. Title track Formula moves even further towards bleep techno territory via deep space chords, thumping techno beats, Kraftwerkian lead lines and the kind of distorted analogue bass found on LIES releases, while Wayne County Stomp sounds like a mutated, mind-altering cover of Steve Poindexter‘s Computer Madness.