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FLUXION | Perspectives (Vibrant Music) – CD/2xLP



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“Peoples lives a series of roads. Some move in parallel, some intersect, some go nowhere forcing you to go back to where you came from.
One thing is certain. You can never see more than 200 meters to a direction, until you decide to take this road, and by doing so everything becomes your new reality changing you forever. You can dream, hypothesize, weight the impact of a road in your life, but this inductive thinking can only take you to those 200 meters of realism. We weight roads based on available fact, and prepare ourselves accordingly, but the moment you turn you are changed. In the end what we long for is the things we don’t know, or can’t imagine”

Photos by K. Soublis taken on September 2019 in Barcelona.
This album was written and recorded between 2018 – 2019.