Trivial Occupations

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FRANCIS HARRIS | Trivial Occupations (Scissor and Thread) – 2xLP
FRANCIS HARRIS | Trivial Occupations (Scissor and Thread) - 2xLP

Trivial Occupations


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Trivial Occupations is the third LP released under the Kingdoms and Scissor and Thread founder’s own name – and continues in the traditions of those landmark records.

Having scaled to heights within the club scene and released almost a hundred records under different monikers, Francis Harris embarked on an altogether more personal journey as a composer of intimate, atmospheric pieces removed from the dancefloor.

Here, with Trivial Occupations, Harris dives deep into a new sound palette – bringing the listener on a journey through various states over the almost one hour run time. The album was made over the course of four years in various studios with an array of notable players, bringing a diversity of perspectives and approaches encompassed within Harris stunning artistic studio approach.

It’s an album that is easy to get lost in – a structure suggesting no real beginning or end. Listening to it on loop offers the listener a chance to be fully immersed in the rich, melancholic tonalities of Harris’ sound universe..