Waiting Ground

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FRANK & TONY | Waiting Ground (Scissor and Thread) – Vinyl

Waiting Ground


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The boys are gliding back onto the scene with Scissor and Thread‘s first release of 2016, Waiting Ground.

The vinyl-exclusive ‘Ebreo‘ sees the duo flex their afro-rhythmic muscle, placing silky smooth bass over a bed of soft swirling percussion highlighted by a pitched down steel drum. Next, an edit first heard on Frank & Tony‘s acclaimed Resident Advisor podcast comes to light. Deftly cutting the hushed ambient tones of Donato Wharton‘s ‘Absentia‘ into perfect portions, Frank & Tony loop brittle bits over a chunky kick and shuffling hi-hat to hypnotic effect. The EP’s title track evokes the sun-kissed euphoria of early hour raves with its lush atmospherics and playfully subdued piano line buoyed by a thick kick and airy pads. Finally ‘Pavane‘ takes the previous track’s laid back attitude and flips it, adding a thick in-your-face kick and propulsive pads for a foot-stomping, hands in the affair DJ weapon.


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