Psychic Decolonization

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Psychic Decolonization


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Given the monochrome aesthetic adopted by Lux Rec, there is something deliciously poetic about the Swiss label turn to ‘The White Wizard‘ himself, Gavin Russom, for their latest release.

Russom has been called upon for four tracks that indulge both his physical, gutter-dwelling techno machinations and more strung-out tonal and textural experiments as wrought from his trademark synthesiser explorations. Three of the four jams contained on Psychic Decolonization thump with a proper intent, but there’s still space for the swirling static mess of “Let The Bones Speak“, which should keep his edgier fans content. As the label would have it, Psychic Decolonization, “delivers four clairvoyant tracks for those who are willing to unravel them. Don’t expect a happy end though.”


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