Redscale 05

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GRAD_U | Redscale 05 (Redscale) – EP
GRAD_U | Redscale 05 (Redscale) - EPGRAD_U | Redscale 05 (Redscale) - EP

Redscale 05


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2021 limited repress of this classic Redscale release!

Since 2012, Lithuanian dub techno adventurer Grad_U has concentrated his energies on delivering a series of warm, sparse and intoxicating 12″ singles on his own Redscale label. This fifth installment in the series delivers more becalmed, almost horizontal forays into shuffling, hypnotic deepness. EV-1 kicks things off, layering subtle shakers and gentle chords over a spaced-out dub techno pulse. Grad_U gets a little more upbeat – by his stoned standards, at least – on the undulating EV 0, while standout EV 1 successfully adds a little intergalactic sheen to his heavily filtered, liquid techno formula. Like the rest of the series, this should be essential listening for dub techno enthusiasts.