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GRADIENT | Landscapes (Greyscale) – EP



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Saint Petersburg, Russia based producer Gradient has been steadily making his mark on the modern dub techno scene over the past decade and here we see him returning to Grad_U’s Greyscale with more classy, dub-infused and atmospheric material. A study in landscapes exploring the pathways between the concrete jungles of the cities we reside in and the natural landscapes we visit to reconnect and find inner peace.

Landscape Two leads, employing choppy chord stabs, fluttering low-end pulses and dusty drums in an unfaltering, subtly modulating and evolving fashion before Fluxion offers a master class in restrained atmospherics, slowly teasing elements of the original into the depths of an ethereal, murky groove.

Landscape One leads the flip-side, taking a more upfront feel this time via robust drums and am amalgamation of spiraling dub chords ahead of Grad_U’s Landscape Two remix which lays focus on off-kilter, bumpy drums, fluttering subs and intricately modulating cuts from the original chords.