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HAZE | Aimless EP (Rhythm Büro Records) – EP

Aimless EP


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Sergii Galan, the Ukrainian producer also known as Haze, makes his debut on the Kyiv-based Rhythm Buro imprint. The artist who released his first ever EP just two years ago is now joining the roster of the label affiliated with the event series of the same name. While the Rhythm Buro events are best known for keeping the Ukrainian capital’s dance floors busy, the Rhythm Buro label is set to hit its fifth release with Haze‘s RB005. As is evident with the EP’s artwork, RB005 marks the beginning of a new era for the label, breaking the ties with what was previously its signature visual mark.

The record’s opening tune is the heaviest on the EP, good reason as to why it was chosen as the title track. Aimless is bottom-heavy and bass-rich, done in the true “acid eiffel” face-melting fashion. However, its successor on A2, Inner Voice, takes a completely different route sound-wise, referencing timeless old-school breaks and vocal samples, which showcase the diversity of Haze‘s palate. To further confirm this notion, Prism on A3 appears as the EP’s “slow burner”, the acidic-psychedelic-downtempo tune you wouldn’t often come across on a record filed under techno in 2019.

In line with Rhythm Buro tradition of sorts, the B-side of the record is dedicated to the deeper tunes, which blur the lines between techno and house. Majula Sunset on B1 is both trippy and melodic; with a groovy rolling bass line only a quality sound system could handle properly. Closing the record is Ben Buitendijk‘s remix and combination of two of Haze‘s tracks from the EP: Prism and Aimless. As indicated by the title, this track Natura is not only a rework of Haze‘s tunes, but also homage to one of Rhythm Buro‘s most original events of the same name, which Buitendijk has played, an event which is held in the forest outside Kyiv every summer.