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HERBERT | Bodily Functions (Accidental Records) – CD

Bodily Functions


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Matthew Herbert likes processes, rules, and parameters. He has a manifesto for how he records music – no sampling other artists, no drum machines, no synths. It sounds mighty ascetic, but the prolific Brit has been responsible for some of the past decade-and-change’s most natural-sounding dance music. 1998’s Around the House saw him incorporating household sounds; 2001’s Bodily Functions moved inward, building songs from samples of the human body. It was easily Herbert’s most audacious idea at that point.

Bodily Functions is even more stretch-your-legs-out luxurious than house. The beats don’t sound like flatulence, belches, or growling stomachs, but there is something very organic about the record. The drums feel squishy, the rhythms are padded, and everything moves with an elegance that most house could only dream of (no drum machines, remember). Bodily Functions also continued Herbert‘s fruitful collaboration with Dani Siciliano, a smooth singer whose jazzy inflections go well with this album’s tasteful house. She’s as much the star of Bodily Functions as Herbert is, her pleasantly husky voice inhabiting the album’s warm atmosphere.

With Bodily Functions, Herbert made a gorgeous jazz-pop album from recordings of human bodies and a few instruments– but he also made one of last decade’s most important dance albums. An enduring album that still sounds singular, Bodily Functions floats far above the trend-obsessed nature of dance music.

Andrew Ryce – Pitchfork


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