Middle Of The Meds

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HIBERNIS | Middle Of The Meds (Serein) – CD
HIBERNIS | Middle Of The Meds (Serein) - CD

Middle Of The Meds


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Hibernis is the synthesis of John Hughes’ evocative soundscapes and Lindsay Anderson’s vocal and melodic contributions. The two bring their unique talents together in a harmonious confluence where the listener is guided on a soothing and often surreal journey.

Hibernis began as a meditative process for Hughes, a place of comfort for the mind during a quiet winter stretch. Dwelling inside the sound, he used the music as medicine, striving for a balance of light and dark.

Hughes, who had been recording with Anderson on a separate full-length album, played these sketches at the beginning of their sessions and she instantly connected with them. The two began using these meditative pieces as a break from the grid and more production-heavy, song-oriented music that they were making. It served as means to unwind and clear their minds before tackling other work.