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HIROTAKA MIYAMOTO | Circles (AvantRoots) – CD



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Product Description

Circles is the first full lenght album for Avantroots of the Japanese Hirotaka Miyamoto , musician launches, composing in the same way those pioneers did back at the time…

It starts tickling gently yours ears with Fake Meltdown all the way until Ivory, to kick like a sleep twitch with Soulwind. But it doesnt finish here, since this last one hands it over to the sounds of Neo Terra which helps us with our daydreaming and keeps going until the end like instruments invented.

Knowing that Electronic music is something big, Circles should be heard without hesitation, just as its creator intended. This is not an album to put as a background, it is an experience that requires one hour of contemplation in order to delight in every bite. It is the work of someone who trains alone… A different one. Hirotaka only sounds like Hirotaka  .