The Old Way To Clouds

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HOSHIN | The Old Way To The Clouds (Databloem) – CD

The Old Way To Clouds


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Hoshin is a project from a classical trained musician from Belgium, who took his first steps in composing Ambient/Electronic in 2004. After releasing some tech-house tracks, he made a trip to Myanmar and was blown away by this incredible sonic environment. He carefully prepared himself for a second trip along with a decent recorder, memory cards and lots of batteries, in order to collect first-ear field recordings for possible use in his ambient works.

Back from this second trip in 2009, sounds of Myanmar’s rain, wind, insects, animals and mysterious conversations and atmospheres were masterfully woven in his ambient compositions and soon thereafter the Hoshin project was born. Only years later, the results were exposed by its first release Path Of Dissolutions (Cryo Chamber, 2016). Time now to proudly present its follow-up The Old Way to Clouds (the sound of moaning cicadas drowned in the morning mist..), a totally brilliant, storytelling set of ambient explorations & grooves and one of Databloem finest release up to date.