Vernal Equinox Edition

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IN AETERNAM VALE & BRONZE TEETH | Vernal Equinox Edition ( Khemia ) – EP

Vernal Equinox Edition


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New London based electronic music label Khemia Records announces its first split release vinyl Ep. The curatorial agenda for the label retrospectively reflects the programming of the KAOS London events.
The ‘Vernal Equinox Edition‘ Ep delivers two muscular, tensile tracks extending over more than nine minutes, across each of the ‘Solar‘ and ‘Lunar‘ sides.

La Grille‘ on the Solar side, is a masterclass in hypnotic sonics.
A propulsive proto-techno monster from cult veteran French producer In Aeternam Vale. ‘La Grille‘ was built for the dance floor with the insistent momentum of its hammered rhythms, reverberating echoes and intense emotional crescendos.

On the ‘Lunar SideBronze Teeth delivers ‘Rude Movements‘ a virtuoso attack of left-field modular electronics with the construction of a caustic, industrial broken-beat experiment. Distorted kicks are balanced, despite the aggression. Shaded noise remains rhythmic even as the track veers out of control into the feral chaos of static hiss and incendiary clatter of abrasive dissonance.

Taken together the tracks on this first release map the boundaries and liminal sonic territories that Khemia Records sets out to explore.


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