Les Deserts D’Irammm

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IRAMMM | Les Deserts D’Irammm (Shaded Explorations) – CD/Cassette
IRAMMM | Les Deserts D'Irammm (Shaded Explorations) - CD/CassetteIRAMMM | Les Deserts D'Irammm (Shaded Explorations) - CD/Cassette

Les Deserts D’Irammm


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Product Description

Irammm is a new alias from an artist who lands on the Shaded Explorations label with a full length entitled Les Deserts D’Irammm.

The idea behind this new album is to invite you into the archives of Irammm. It is “a kind of a testimony of the life over here, alone in the desert, maybe buried, struggling for water amidst the illusion of an oasis” and was written as a cathartic exercise to release pain and find peace and sorrow in sound, and that is something all listeners will resonate with such is the evocative nature of all nine tracks.