The Sea In The Sky

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JAMES MURRAY | The Sea In The Sky (Voxxov Records) – CD

The Sea In The Sky


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The skies above have inspired poets, philosophers and artists since we first looked up. Ever-changing, unpredictable, suffused with esoteric patterns and directed by unseen forces, these oceans are a vast, dreamlike seascape of surreal dimension and spectacular, impossible beauty.

For his seventh album British composer James Murray takes to these whirling currents, vertiginous depths and irresistible tides. Dissolving guitar, bass, piano and electronics into continuous streams of granular sound he has created a strikingly original series of long-form meditations that condense, dissolve and recombine their elements, constantly drifting and shifting in form like the clouds themselves. Immersion in these mysterious, transient vapours offers tantalising hints of order within the chaos, of melody within the noise; a fleeting glimpse of what lies outside the reach of eye and mind, just beyond the veil.

The Sea In The Sky is proudly presented by VoxxoV Records, delicately mastered by Vincent Villuis and features design by Paskine and artwork by the composer’s uncle, abstract painter David John Hilditch.


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