Lay-by Lullaby

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JANEK SCHAEFER | Lay-by Lullaby (12k) – CD
JANEK SCHAEFER | Lay-by Lullaby (12k) - CD

Lay-by Lullaby


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This is the first album for 12k from renowned UK sound artist Janek Schaefer

Lay-by Lullaby is a companion album that invites you to take a break, pull over, and daydream as life speeds on by. The 73 minute album weaves these location recordings around a series of spacious sonorities, that shimmer with analogue textures and liminal melodies that burnout in the passing headlights. The speeding traffic dopplertrails reveal fleeting passages of soporific sounds that entice you to recline, drift and fade away. An album to enjoy with your eyes closed, on repeat play until the dawn rush hour returns…

Lay-by Lullaby was created in 2013 as a sculptural installation for Schaefer’s solo London show Collecting Connections at the Agency gallery. A pair of reclining traffic speaker cones play back the foundsoundscape from a car radio installed in a little leather travel case on infinite loop.


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