Exhibitionist 2 (DVD+CD)

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JEFF MILLS | Exhibitionist 2 (DVD+CD) – Axis Records
JEFF MILLS | Exhibitionist 2 (DVD+CD) - Axis RecordsJEFF MILLS | Exhibitionist 2 (DVD+CD) - Axis Records

Exhibitionist 2 (DVD+CD)


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Exhibitionist 2 is a documentary film that explores into the art form of DeeJaying – showing graphic views of how a DJ manages himself with the usage of new DJ technology to create seamless mixes and complex transitions to the levels that were thought impossible decades ago.
In this second volume, Jeff Mills goes even deeper into the art form to display, not only how he uniquely mixes music, but how he thinks in real time to create and work spontaneously like a musician playing a acoustic instrument or a soloist thinking of rhythms off-the-fly. This ambitious project consists in capturing the DJ in multiple film recordings showing close- up and multi-angles that reveal exactly what a DJ does – how music is programmed and played for the purpose of dancing.

– DVD contents: Mix 1 (four-angle options) part1 / part 2 (approx 20 min each); Mix 2 with a drummer Skeeto Valdez (approx 13 min); Mix 3 909 work out (two-angleĀ  options) (approx 11 min); Studio Mix (Jeff Mills commentary option: English subtitle) (approx 46 min); Orion Transmission Mix (approx 45 min).
– CD contents: 16 tracks (71 min).


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