The Jungle Planet

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JEFF MILLS | The Jungle Planet (Axis Records) – USB
JEFF MILLS | The Jungle Planet (Axis Records) - USBJEFF MILLS | The Jungle Planet (Axis Records) - USB

The Jungle Planet


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After aliens agriculturally recondition Earth and purposely cause the end of the human species, with no home or place he can return to, Earth’s only survivor known as The Messenger embarks on a search to find the residue of human dreams in an attempt to re-create his species once again. He desesperately travel to a place where the concepts of human animal were designed. A place in another dimension in space to a planet that is beyond belief. A super planet, 300 times the size of Jupiter with three Suns, two solar and one of an unknown source. With four hour days and a near constant cover of darkness, growth is constant. The planet supports trillions upon trillions of life forms. It was here that the concept of human life and dreams for commercial reasons was created. In a last ditched effort to restore his race, The Messenger travels to and searches the planet, through its bizarre and obscure landscape with fragile hopes. This planet is called The Jungle Planet.


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