Argon 5

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JIMAN | Argon 5 (Forsaken Cell) – EP
JIMAN | Argon 5 (Forsaken Cell) - EP

Argon 5


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Defined as an independent entity, drawing its inspiration from the deconstructed walls of an imaginary and utopian society where music is king and artist is servant, Forsaken Cell is a Paris and Lyon based structure composed of a small ravers community, aimed to show an indie, radical and experimental face of the french underground scene.

The third release is from French producer Jiman. Living near Lille, a french city located between Berlin and Detroit, Jiman makes a perfect mixture of those two towns that are his two main influences, focusing on the grainy, harsh, metalic and experimental sound of early 90s techno, with a relish of poetry, smoothness and a slight broken side of IDM. His debut EP on the label is composed of 5 tracks that draws on the vinyl groove his long trip into the abyssal deepness of techno music, smelling an uncompromising industrial and raw atmosphere.