Duke Of Huddinge / Nattura

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JOEL MULL – JACK | Duke Of Huddinge – Nattura (Cocoon Recordings) – EP

Duke Of Huddinge / Nattura


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The almighty Cocoon 10 series is back and it is swedish techno grand wizzard JOEL MULL and italian freshman JA:CK who gives us the rush on the floor this time! After his last Cocoon Release ‘Harmonautic StringJoel Mull presents a deep techno-dub-monster this time. ‘Duke of Huddinge‘ is a long builder with a slight Craig/’Throw‘ touch that keeps on growing and growing.

This is super deep techno with lots of space, echoes and even dark melody bits. What to play at the next after hour when the sun is reaching high noon Joel Mull has the answer! Coming up next is ‘Nattura‘ by italian rookie JA:CK. Hells Bells meets a Guy Gerber harmonies with a strong hypnotic appeal. This is a musical journey on the dance floor and the long ending part is an unbelievable mix-outro for all the DJs out there who know how to use this properly. Insane and romantic at the same time, this is JA:CK, this is ‘Nattura‘ – benvenuto nel club!