Soldered Minds

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JOHANNES VOLK | Soldered Minds (Made Of Concrete) – EP

Soldered Minds


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After contributing with a remix in 2018, Made of concrete invite Johannes Volk for a full-length artist release. A scene veteran, Volk is known for his releases on Jeff MillsAxis Records, Patrice Scott’s Sistrum or Steffi’s Dolly imprint or for his live appearances in staple clubs Berghain, Tresor, Panorama Bar, Golden Pudel, or Corsica Studios to name a few.

Opener Soldered Minds introduces a dense, energy-filled dynamic that’s both impactful and intriguing. Label chiefs Rebar give the track a Hum remix treatment, adding layers of sizzle and flow that transform it into an afterhours-ready alternative. Undulating basslines stand at Magma In Slo-mo’s base, a track that offers a solid anchor and great tool for the dancefloor. The haunting, glitch-laden Asphalt Flowers brings unpredictability with its jittery, uneasy atmosphere that, if played at the right time, is the perfect trigger for a descent into dance delirium.