The Lonely Machine

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JOHN SHIMA | The Lonely Machine (FireScope Records) – 2xLP

The Lonely Machine


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Hailing from the heartland of British techno, Sheffield’s John Shima is one of the leading lights in UK electronics. His beautifully crafted sounds have graced a host of imprints including Distant Worlds, Exalt Records and, of course, FireScope. It is to the latter that Shima returns with his long awaiting debut album, The Lonely Machine.

John Shima is a master melody weaver, with this first LP attesting to his deftness of touch. Celestial chords and star gazing synthwork permeate this ten track odyssey. The musical heritage of Shima’s hometown, the elegance, majesty and subtlety of British electronics, is invoked from the needle drop. A range of influences come to the fore in this 2LP. Skirting around the edges of astral ambience and tonal texture are nods to industrial history, the rasp and resonance of rhythms in Empires, with the inspiration of Detroit surfacing in the future funk of Phase Distortion and Linear. Dreamscapes are painted in delicate hues, the fragile movements of Accepting, with brooding works adopting thicker basslines and ruffled notes as with Distrust. Nevertheless, it is the incandescent brightness of Lonely Machine that truly shines. Radiant pieces of elating electronics, complex and joyful compositions that chime with unbridled hope and open-hearted optimism.