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KABUL ENSEMBLE | Taranom (Enja Records / Rameshgar) – CD



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Birth of the songs :
This collection of songs were those my grandfather sung at home in Afghanistan .
I did not know how him as he died when i was only one year old.
However, my body remembers him as well as the energy emanating from him.
My grandfather was the disciple of a soufi saint, hazerat sâheb-e shorbâzâr, who lived in the old town of kabul in Hasheqan o Arefân street .As all soufis, my grandfather was discreet concerning his spiritual commitment.
He just lead a normal civil-servant’ s life .
My family only found out much later that he was member of a sufi brotherhood ;
Every week, he went on foot 30 km from his home for meditations sessions .
Not knowing where he came from, my mother would prepare a basin of saltin water to soothe his feet when he came back from walking.
He followed the way ( tariqa) of the Naqshbandi order in times of extreme difficulty he would use his power refusing to explain how it came about.