The Pentaki Slopes

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KANGDING RAY | The Pentaki Slopes (Raster) – EP

The Pentaki Slopes


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Product Description

The tale of the mythic Pentaki mountain has been engraved on a two-sided circular piece of wax.

The north face of the peak is steep, abrasive, and has been the subject of many legends in the region. It is said that whoever would manage to climb it would find a plateau, leading to a place called »the single source of truth«.

Considered as the ultimate goal by both psychedelic gurus and database optimization corporations, and as an ideal retirement destination for a couple of lost souls in search for coherence and objectivity, the source diffuses endless loops of haunted voices, apparently sampled from a discarded call center, running low on power, encouraging listeners to shorten cycles, deliver requests and improve user experience.

It is also said that anyone climbing from the south side would never reach the summit or find his way to the plateau, and would always end up on a lower altitude than where he started.

This topographical anomaly is probably the reason why the south face of the Pentaki has always been favorited by locals, with its sunny weather and its luxurious vegetation flourishing along the soft downward slope, leading to a slow and peaceful end.