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KINDER SCOUT & OFFTHESKY | The Curio Collection – CD

The Curio Collection


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Breathtaking neo-classical / ambient exhalations from Jason Corder (Offthesky) in trio with cellist Danny Norbury and Home Normal‘s intercontinental CEO, Ian Hawgood (Kinder Scout). The central figures are joined by vocalist/violinist Sarah Chung, and vocalist Sarah Martin to complete the line-up of ambient souls.

Across six tracks they paint a slow moving and faded soundscape glowing with the soft peal of bells, creaking strings and crackling location recordings which mingle and diffuse with tender subtlety, the focus given to a blurry mid-ground while a shifting patina of vocal glossolalia and drones lend a dreamy momentum to the whole thing. Upon further investigation of this hauntingly reverent and rhythmic record, quickly revealed are the trappings of Offthesky’s signature spells: vibraphone, rolling guitar, soft bells, lilting voicals, and the ever evolving landscape. According to the accounts of Mr. Corder, much of the color, inspiration and foundation for the songs therein stemmed from afar out of Ian Hawgood’s personal closet of field recordings, live takes, and processed experiments. Danny Norbury’s timeless cello paints several pieces to add a majestic and modern-classic effect. Last but not least Sarah Chung (of Pillow Garden) and Sara Martin’s soft singing cameo about, which adds an antiephemeral hue sprinkled atop the ever present time-stained aesthetic. Each delicate track has the ability to leave the listener with a sense that they’ve just steeped in the light of an occultish cabinet glowing full of arcane mysteries.


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