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LALI PUNA Our Inventions (Morr Music) – CD

Our Inventions


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Our Inventions finds Lali Puna continuing to push the frontiers of their medium, mapping out the musical landscape for modern, experimentally minded pop music. This is an album that’s made for and about the modern world, concerning itself with the driving forces of progress and technological obsession. The sublime, virtuoso electronic arrangements directly lock onto the record’s recurrent key themes, depicting a world inundated with technology and consumed by a fixation on progress – simultaneously passing commentary on this state of affairs and overcoming it. When Trebeljahr intones “Things move on/I’m gonna work fast because tomorrow comes quick” it sounds like it’s being sung from the perspective of someone who’s already there.

Our Inventions exhibits the hallmarks of an album spun from intensive studio-bound introspection. Two of the most explosive and ebullient songs here – ‘Remember‘ and ‘Everything Is Always‘ – confirm so much of what’s special about Lali Puna: all the elements are at once precision engineered and delivered with absolute heartfelt conviction; perhaps never before have such jubilant pop hooks been so meticulously and fastidiously crafted, yet you can always hear the soul behind these machines.


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