A Day In The Life

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LAWRENCE – A Day In The Life (LP) – ( Mule Musiq)

A Day In The Life


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 All art has to be combined with the notion of outlast. This can be only realized when the energies of the expenditure do not disappear and get stored in the creation. To get this creative process started, an artist needs to open himself to the world collapsing upon him.
A Day In The Life – the brand-new ambient and beyond album by Lawrence, confirms this assumption – yet no world really collapsed on the dj and producer from hamburg. Instead his emotional perception danced upon friendship and wanderlust and he put together twelve tracks for an album dedicated to his long lasting relation to Toshiya Kawasaki, man of action behind labels like Mule Musiq, Endless Flight and Mule Electronic, and the artist Stefan Marx. All compositions float and sound like the improvisations of a virtuoso who has forgotten his virtuosity in order to drown real deep in his creations.


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