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LAWRENCE | Illusion (Dial) – CD/2xLP



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Product Description

Lawrence makes a full-length return to his own Dial label with Illusions. Following two critically-acclaimed albums for Mule Musiq, the follow-up to 2016’s Yoyogi Park captures the Berlin-based artist, DJ and label-owner at home in a suitably deep landscape of sound.

Throughout, his involving and human approach to electronic music feels more inviting and more necessary than ever. Rather than the dancefloors across Europe that Lawrence has so fruitfully soundtracked over the past few decades, the sound of Illusions is inspired not only by his endless, constantly unfolding creative process, but a flurry of underground club gigs overseas including Japan and Mexico. In these close spaces, warmth and intimacy generate the atmosphere, and Illusions is naturally blessed with a typically delicate touch that might surprise even long-time devotees of the artist.

On close listen, acoustic instruments and subtle field recordings provide a natural bedfellow to Lawrence’s typically warm, earthy machine sound. Another influence is the artist’s real-time live project, Sky Walking, and their shows in intimate venues such as Berlin’s Acud and the legendary Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg. 

Words by John Thorp