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LEMONGRASS | Memoires (Lemongrassmusic) – CD



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Lots of exciting things are going on in the global Ambient and Electronic Listening scene these days. In an unbiased manner, musical worlds approach each other, that seemed almost incompatible for a long time. Whether acoustic music, contemporary classical music or hip-hop – such styles join a boundless melange to something new, which has an high artistic value, and is gaining new fans in a rapid pace. Roland Voss aka Lemongrass is part of this creative stream. Over many years, a distinctive Lemongrass sound has been developed in an essential process of maturation. Culminating now with a new album release called Mémoires. In a relaxed and stylish manner, Mémoires is a real milestone. With its playful and homogeneous aura, the album sounds as a unified whole. Shaped by a bewitching depth, Mémoires convinces on a musical top level. At the same time, it provides the impressive evidence, that Roland Voss is rightly considered as one of the most famous composers and producers in the scene.


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