Aeolian Processes

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LORENZO MASOTTO | Aeolian Processes (Dronarivm) – CD
LORENZO MASOTTO | Aeolian Processes (Dronarivm) - CDLORENZO MASOTTO | Aeolian Processes (Dronarivm) - CD

Aeolian Processes


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“By the moment my hands touch the piano and I begin to compose, my conscience starts a journey, leaving my body. During its wandering shows me pictures of the places it encounters, creating a sort of connection between my unconscious and my fingers. The colors, the landscapes, the faces of the people it photographs along the way are so clear in my mind to allow me to portray those images, using only the sound that a piano can paint.”
– Lorenzo Masotto

Lorenzo Masotto’s journey with music began at the age of nine when he started playing piano. Graduating from Conservatorio di Verona, he consequently started studying composition and jazz. Lorenzo also plays in a prog/post rock band called Le Maschere di Clara, directs a male voice choir, writes music for film and theatre, and teaches piano and composition. “I’ve never only thought about writing in just one music style,” he says, “I love all music, and everything I write increases my confidence and ability to write from a wider perspective.” He has published two albums, Silk in 2015 (Alfa music) and Rule and Case in the 2016 (Preserved Sound).