The Fatigue of Sunlight and Wine

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MAP 165 The Fatigue of Sunlight and Wine (Voxxov) – CD
MAP 165

The Fatigue of Sunlight and Wine


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“You’re tired and thirsty. Map 165 can give you the water (or the wine) that you crave. Soft electronics scurry across the dry soil. Electronics fall and hit the dehydrated earth in steady, irregular rhythms, but they are, in reality, rivers of sweat. The Fatigue Of Sunlight And Wine is, at times, hot, clammy music that sticks to its tight tones and its arid, sun-bronzed skin. But it quickly shows its cooler side, too, thanks in part to the cooler timbre of the strings. There seems to be some relief; the music escapes the fierce, dry wash of the sun, retreating as if into a cool ambient cave where the eyes can adjust and the music can darken, like an unexpected solar eclipse. The sky rips itself apart, and the rain falls. The rain is relief, soothing and reviving the music. The hot sands and the sticky climate have fallen to cooler temperatures; rainy season.”  – James Catchpole | Fluid Radio  –


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