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MARK VERBOS | Walk The Distance (The Bunker New York)
MARK VERBOS | Walk The Distance (The Bunker New York)MARK VERBOS | Walk The Distance (The Bunker New York)

Walk The Distance


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Tough, to the point, no-nonsense machine music is a longstanding Midwestern tradition. Drawing a line all the way back to the old guard, The Bunker New York‘s latest EP is Walk The Distance, courtesy of Mark Verbos, a techno veteran and New Yorker by way of Milwaukee who put together four pieces of heavyweight dancefloor artillery, informed by an intimate, inside-out knowledge of the machinery used in the production of these tracks.

I’ve been doing this for a long time. In the beginning, there was only hardware, and it feels better to make music with physical objects. Plus, I make hardware, too,” says Verbos, recounting his production processes. Verbos not only produces music, he also produces the hardware he uses to make music – his company, Verbos Electronics, manufactures Eurorack synthesizer modules with a vintage sensibility. When he’s making music, Verbos says, “I try to get to know the devices I use well enough that whatever I imagine can come from them. Techno is machine music. When I’m recording, it’s just me and the machines.


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