Dancing Street / Skyscrapers Street

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MARTIN SCHULTE | Dancing Street / Skyscrapers Street (Greyscale)

Dancing Street / Skyscrapers Street


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Greyscale is extremely proud to bring Martin Schulte to its long growing and talented roster. Not only is this a double-single but each track is supported with a remix from a top-tier artist in Vril and our very own grad_u!

Dancing Street & Skyscraper Street is special in many ways! On Dancing Street, Martin gives your equilibrium a real test with its off-axis beat structure and fantastic chord definition. As the track releases the pressure nearing the end is nothing short of genius. This is not for the faint of heart! Skyscraper Street is the ideal counterpoint to Dancing Street. A perfectly tempoed tech masterpiece, it soars over a city soundscape riding a confident beat. For the B side, grad_u on the remix gives us a wall-shaker! A serious main floor sound and the only relief from the intense bass is the beautiful chord work. The word epic comes to mind from our label leader! There is a handful of names that are buy on site when you see them and Vril is no doubt one. This remix of Skyscraper Street is drenched in layer upon layer of shimmering and fractured melodies. This experimental and almost dreamlike state of consciousness is auditory sensory overload of the highest order! Martin Schulte, Vril and grad_u on the same EP! Mastered at the legendary Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin on 180 gram vinyl. The depth of these should not be understated!