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MERRIN KARRAS | Apex (A Strangely Isolated Place) – 2xLP
MERRIN KARRAS | Apex (A Strangely Isolated Place) - 2xLPMERRIN KARRAS | Apex (A Strangely Isolated Place) - 2xLP



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The process of album creation benefited from new freedoms that Gregoriy aka Merrin Karras¬†bestowed upon himself. “I decided to set myself a few ground rules for the music: no drums or percussive elements and no samples. They helped me to focus but, in a sense, it’s not such a drastic shift. I’ve always made melodies the focus point of all my tracks and it was quite liberating to make music where I didn’t have to worry about the best way to arrange it for the dancefloor.”

The results are remarkable. Combining his gilded production with an armory of hardware (including the Moog Minitaur, Vermona Mono Lancet, Juno 106, Nord Rack 2, and the Korg Monotron) Apex serves as both a modern ode to the synthesizer and a reverential nod to the early pioneers. Freed from the focus of the club, it allowed Gregoriy to craft a narrative; each track following a similar arc as the tension builds before dissolving.