Caleidoscope EP

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MICHAŁ WOLSKI | Caleidoscope EP (Eerie)

Caleidoscope EP


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After a great debut on Eerie Records with his Unthinkable Otherwiseness EP, Polish producer Michał Wolski is back on Marco Shuttle‘s imprint with a brand new 12″. A very playable and yet rather abstract and super deep 3 tracker which again confirms Wolski‘s talent in forging his intricate sound that manages to be sophisticated and complex without becoming of difficult absorption for the listener.

Caleidoscope‘, the A side track, which also gives the title to the whole EP, is a multy layered 4/4 intensely atmospheric groover where pulsating basslines rolls over dubbed out percussive synth elements and finely dosed synewaves. On the flipside, ‘Waterfall‘ unfolds over a 3 bars acidy bassline in a crescendo that climaxes with a “waterfall” (as the title suggests) of reverbed monotone leads playing always the same note, while ‘Generator‘ remain on a similar vibe but with more marked and sharp synthetic percussive elements that make it sound like a tribal mantra coming from outer space.