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MICK CHILLAGE | Paths (Databloem) – 2xCD



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Product Description

Mick Chillage returns to Databloem with a varied double album of the finest Ambient Explorations & Grooves .

CD1 continues where his previous Databloem album Distant Light left off. Mixing up his influences effortlessly, Mick sees his production techniques like a reflection of life choices, sudden unexpected changes in path result in new often unimagined sonic adventures.

Alien drones and mechanical found sounds can mutate into minimalist Techno workouts, wild analogue experimentation can be calmed with orchestral touches and finely tuned sinewave melodies. Often utilising just one patch to create a rich and evolving musical narrative.

CD2 is as diverse as the title suggests and lets Mick explore his Ambient expanse with no compromise. Full of majesty and loss in equal measure Mick here explores the humanity/spirituality often lost in electronic music composition and is possibly best listened to in personal headspaces.