Disintegrating Sand EP

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MIKE PARKER | Disintegrating Sand EP (Tresor)

Disintegrating Sand EP


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Product Description

Tresor Records is glad to present the Disintegrating Sand EP, first release by the legendary Mike Parker on the label.

Parker has been an influential figure in the electronic music scene for more than twenty years, throughout which he has established an arsenal of unique sonic trademarks, produced and modulated with high precision.

True to Parker‘s traditional style, Disintegrating Sand is both driving and hypnotic. The EP’s title track is especially evocative of Parker‘s penchant for analogue sound: raw oscillations cascade over a highly reverbed bassline that periodically punctuates the track. Though the electricity that Parker introduces on the A side intensifies and expands in “Angels in Cages“, “Gyroscopic Precession” is perhaps the apogee of the build up and the most driving track on the EP. The track is nuanced in its steady introduction of sweeping effects that arch over heavy kicks and an abrasive midrange.

Parker‘s abstractions of sound and texture are immediately recognizable to contemporary audiences, and his latest EP marks a particularly thrilling addition to a rich discography.