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MODEL 500 Digital Solutions (Metroplex) – Vinyl

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“The name Model 500, even when wrested from its context as a legendary pillar of electronic music in Detroit, prompts an inescapable comparison to a car. Juan Atkins‘ automotive alias is 30 years old now, and, like the silhouette of the saloon that the pseudonym evokes, it has become more iconic over time. A lot of artists who make music for more than three decades tend to shift with the tide as the years roll on, but the Model 500 sound hasn’t changed all that much. As a result, it’s become something of a design classic – something that’s so distinctive, most people wouldn’t dare copy it. Its chassis is techno and electro, but the moving parts under the hood are pure funk. Most of Atkins‘ records are also notable – never moreso than now – for their sparing use of bass. Model 500 is, in every sense, a high-end machine. Atkins and other Detroit pioneers ensured their place in the electronic music canon years ago, but these sort of comebacks often put notions of legacy and “flawless catalogs” at risk. Despite that, Digital Solutions is worthy of its place in the Model 500 discography. The fact that the LP even exists – and that people are excited to hear it – reinforces the music’s enduring power, even if the record largely sets aside aspirations to be innovative. The future Atkins once envisioned more than three decades ago is now here; Digital Solutions is a welcome reminder of that.”  –  Ray Philp | XLR8R  –


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