Gobi – The Vinyl Edit

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MONOLAKE | Gobi – The Vinyl Edit (Astral Industries) – LP

Gobi – The Vinyl Edit


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Product Description

Originally released on CD in 1999, Astral Industries present the first vinyl issue of Monolake‘s much-loved Gobi, licensed from Imbalance Computer Music.

Set to the backdrop of the Gobi Desert in eastern Asia, two shimmering vistas plunge the listener into a vast and deeply hypnotic nocturnal soundscape. The perennial hiss and rattle of insects float along the fresh night air in soft waves. The desert thrives with quiet activity as a westerly wind skitters across moonlit dunes, granulated folds dancing like sheets of thin silk. Tectonic plates murmur beneath the shower of stars overhead, their millennial cycles whispering of aeons past. Vividly textured and enticingly synthetic in its sound design, Gobi succeeds as a stunning piece of minimalism.