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MORPHOSIS | What we have learned (Morphine Records / Delsin / M>O>S) – CD

What Have We Learned


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Kicking off with the Redshape-channelling, misty, slo-techno march and buried percussive clatter of  Silent Screamer, the album builds through a plethora of grainy landscapes.

They’re sometimes dense with a dusty static, sometimes lit up by a female vocal or occasionally paired with a round house kick, but always sound rooted in some real (albeit far off and desolate) world.

The hum and buzz of Beaini’s bottom ends have instruments and synths spiralling round as the only reference points in an otherwise engulfing sonic fog.

Churning the listener round and round with his confident, assertive grooves, Morphosis’ dark and long house and techno fusions explore – like few others can – engaging new ground with their every subtle turn.

Influences range from Krautrock via New Wave but, importantly, all are digested by Morphosis before being re-imagined as something wholly fresh and original which, in turn, stands up well to both dancefloor deployment and intense home listening.

What Have We Leaned? That house and techno still have a lot to offer thanks to the likes of Morphosis.