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MOTOHIKO HAMASE | Reminescence (Studio Mule) – CD/LP



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In the 1970’s Hamase was no stranger to Tokyo’s vibrant jazz scene. Together with jazz pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and jazz-rock guitar-ist Kazumi Watanabe he played in the isao suzuki sextet and was part of their classic landmark jazz-funk album Ako’s Dream from 1976.

As the original, it features deeply touching moments of sheer pristine perfection and distributes hamase’s inner emotional landscape with a bewitching bass performance. A soothingly beauty of an album, that reflects Hamase‘s search for spaces of melancholy.

A rhizome of soundscapes that capture, settle and sound elusive while simultaneously being awe-inspiring. As for “Intaglio”, the 66-years old artist gathered again some befriended musicians, rented a studio, staged his gear and recorded most of the original Reminis-cence material new, while keeping the moving musical story arc of the original album alive in a fresh wrapping.

The result is a dazzling, blue mood seething, strongly hypnotic longplayer, full of personality and hybrid ambient electronic jazz spheres that open doors to unheard sound universes and that perfectly work for all those stress-relieved souls that love the disclosure of the mind and seek for a “refuge from nasty reality”.