The Pleiades

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MUSICFORMESSIER | The Pleiades (UAE Records) – CD
MUSICFORMESSIER | The Pleiades (UAE Records) - CD

The Pleiades


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Musicformessier is an ambient post-rock project of the self taught guitarist Csarnogurszky István, from Hungary. He formed Musicformessier in the summer of 2013, and describes the music he makes “acoustic space art”.

“This exalted and tranquil recording features ten memorable ambient-tone poems for delicate tunes and synth murmurs. The concoction dwells between simple chords, rapid succession of guitar notes and melodies that are periodically chased by elegant electronic whispers in a confident fashion as opposed to simultaneous shifting. The result is absolutely dreamy and even though Istvan chose to compose and record, this time around in a strict minimalist style, the gorgeous tunes evokes so much more, for the reverberating spaces between the notes and the empty sequences are just as important as the notes and the sequences themselves. Everything about The Pleiades is exceptional. The album in its entirety is beautifully crafted; the slow-motion consistency of The Pleiades is of a fascinating ambient-impressionism that is highly original in contrast to the myriads of New Age imitators.”Mog | TheSirensSound –


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