The Key EP

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NA NICH | The Key (Rhythm Büro Records) – EP

The Key EP


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Rhythm Büro‘s fourth release is a much anticipated EP from one of it’s co-cofounders, Na Nich aka Alexander Pavlenko. Pavlenko has been making music for nearly 20 years, most notably under the alias Sunchase. With the latter project, he was known in the drum and bass world as something of a child prodigy, but more recently Pavlenko started applying his artistry towards soundscapes that can be filed into the techno category. In the last four years he’s been first and foremost involved with Rhythm Büro, a techno initiative, party series and label from Kiev, Ukraine, that has since become well-regarded among DJs and dancers internationally.

This EP marks Na Nich‘s first solo EP, following a track featured on Semantica Records‘ anniversary compilation Arquitectura del Sueno, along with a few tracks appearing on Rhythm Büro‘s previous VA releases.

RB004 opens on the A1 with a track entitled The Key which is one of the first tracks made by Na Nich. The listener is gently introduced to an ambient wonder wall before some percussive elements open up and synths set the mood: a transportive journey led by a kalimba-infused melody which swells with a certain ambiguity that seems to lend a shamanistic touch. A2’s DVA is a more four-to-the-floor dubbed-out gentle fist pumper, with melting synth melodies and foggy layers backdropped by steady reaching high-hats and a consistently wise kick drum. A strong element of the psychedelic and inquisitive is much present.

The B side of the record is another part of the story: B1’s Log is an epic night-finisher dreamscape, a strong element of space seems to be the focus here as beats play less present in this foggy cinematic soundtrack to a film that has yet to be made. The remix version by Luigi Tozzi on B2 reminds us how deep this prolific Italian artist can take us down the rabbit hole. For fans of danceable, groove-centered and thought provoking tunes to loose one’s and find one’s mind to.