In Gleam

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NADIA KHAN | In Gleam (Scissor and Thread) – EP
NADIA KHAN | In Gleam (Scissor and Thread) - EP

In Gleam


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The latest release on Francis HarrisScissor & Thread is another exercise in subtlety and restraint, brought to us by the emerging talents of Nadia Khan. With little known about the artist, this release lets the sublime music do the talking.

Title track In Gleam is a beautifully evocative drift into ambient textures – rising pads and occasion bass tones combine to set an exquisite scene.

Local Visit is a collaboration with label boss Francis Harris, and features some of the trademark submerged rhythm and textures the label has become known for, unfolding its deep structures over the course of the track.

Restless sees label regular Alex Albrecht aka Melquíades (whose previous EP on S&T was received warmly) provide the Last Bells remix – again muted tones and rhythmic complexity glide under ethereal piano fragments and slowly evolving pad washes.

Sorting Through finds its groove early, a deadened kick unfolds into an urgent percussion creating a thick atmosphere of melancholia.

Sunburnt rounds out the physical release – ending how it started – with dreamy, smudged tones, and warm pads.