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NEEL | Calcata (Token) – EP



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Best known for his ambient excursions as Voices From The Lake alongside Donato Dozzy, Neel joins Token with the 4-track Calcata for Token 76. From his collaborations with Dozzy to his solo work for their joint-run label Spazio Disponibile, Neel‘s studio experience as a mastering engineer has gained him recognition as a producer who pays great attention the technical aspects of his sound.

The title track falls within our expectations of exquisite ambience, with fluid, rhythmic mids and a delicate interplay of organic and unnatural noise in the high end. The opening shuffling hats in Re. Vox cement the release firmly in Token territory, while the staggered exaggeration of a synth line falters between beats and more crafted waves of noise increase the stress. Bassiani evokes its Georgian namesake in hypnotic bliss, while Treja‘s murky bass follows a dizzying theme overhead.