Nymphs II

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NICOLAS JAAR | Nymph II (Other People)

Nymphs II


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“Though it’s only a two-track single, there’s a weight to Nymphs II. This is Nicolas Jaar‘s first solo release since 2011’s Space Is Only Noise, the album that propelled him to crossover stardom. In the meantime, he’s scored films, started a successful record label and taken the world by storm with his band Darkside (which has since disbanded). These projects have been defined by Jaar‘s unique ability to find powerful feelings in the most muted moods, as well as a tendency to go long. Both of those traits are even more pronounced on Nymphs II, which offers two of the strongest songs he’s put his name to. As with the best of Jaar‘s music, Nymphs II is alluring, confounding and full of spine-tingling moments.”

Andrew Ryce | Resident Advisor