Turn To Gaia

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NTHNG | Turn To Gaia (Delsin) – EP
NTHNG | Turn To Gaia (Delsin) - EP

Turn To Gaia


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Amsterdam based artist Nthng continues to have a busy year. Following up an album on Lobster Theremin and EP on Transatlantic, he now lands on Delsin with three tracks that touch on driving dub-techno and dreamy ambient.

Oralage opens with upbeat drum programming and gliding hits that make for a smooth flowing groove. Distant pads add some spacey atmospheres and the production is effortlessly warm and driving.

A Souls Search takes time out to drift in the cosmos, with waves of muted euphoria washing over you as you sink into clouds of ambient bliss.

Lastly, Turn To Gaia is a dubbed out techno roller, with long legged drums looping down low, reverberating chords adding weight and distant bell sounds charting the whole thing in a harmonic glow. It rounds out a super smooth and seductive EP.